Who is Dr. Shawn Baker?

Shawn is a doctor, an athlete, a father, and a proponent of the carnivore diet.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Athlete – World Record Holder
  • CEO at MeatRx
  • Author of The Carnivore Diet
  • International Speaker
  • Podcast Host
  • Consultant
  • A lifetime of pursuing excellence
  • Pushing the boundaries and not settling for mediocrity
  • Father, Soldier, Revolutionist 

Some notable achievements:

  • Bachelor Of Arts University Of Texas At Austin – Biology 1989
  • Doctor Of Medicine Texas Tech Health Science University – 2001 (Graduated With Honors)
  • Completed 5 Year Orthopedic Surgical Residency – University Of Texas 2006
  • Chief Of Orthopedics Kirtland Air Force Base
  • Chief Of Orthopedics Luke Air Force Base
  • Chief Of Orthopedic Trauma – Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 2007 – 600 Surgeries
  • Lead Surgeon Of 12 Provider Orthopaedic Surgical Group Private Practice Until 2016
  • Distinguished Graduate US Air Force Officer Training School
  • Nuclear Weapons Launch Officer USAF X 5 Years
  • Nuclear Weapons Combat Commander Of The Year 90 Operation Group 1996
  • Luke Air Force Base Air Force Athlete Of The Year 2010
  • Semi Professional Rugby, Cambridge New Zealand (played In Waikato Premiere League And Faced Off Against Several New Zealand All Blacks)
  • Selected All US Air Force And Combined Military Services Rugby Squads
  • All Western USA Rugby Select Side
  • Texas Rugby Select Side
  • 1st Place Texas Strongest Man (300lb Class 2004)
  • 5th Place USA Strongest Man Contest (North American Strongman Society) (300lb Class)
  • American Record Deadlift 772lbs (350kg) Natural Association Of Strength Athletes (pure Division – Lifetime Drug Free Class) 2000
  • Sub-master World Record Deadlift 738lbs World Association Of Benchpress AndDeadlift
  • Masters American Record Deadlift (40+ Category) 711lb USA Powerlifting 2007
  • Highland Games US Invitational Masters National Champion 2009
  • Highland Games Masters World Champion 2010
  • USA Track And Field Masters All American Status Discus, Weight Throw, Superweight Throw 2009
  • Set Concept 2 Indoor Rowing World Records For 1min (40+) 100m (50+),1 Min (50+), 500m
  • All Of This Accomplished As A Life Time Drug Free Athlete